PNSC Jobs 2024 Pakistan National Shipping Corporation

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PNSC Jobs 2024 Pakistan National Shipping Corporation

PNSC Jobs 2024: We get a Pakistan National Shipping Corporation advertisement from the Daily Express newspaper. Applicants can get here information on Pakistan National Shipping Corporation PNSC Jobs 2024.

The Pakistan National Shipping Corporation (PNSC), a flagship organization in Pakistan’s maritime industry, continues its legacy of excellence by offering exciting job opportunities for 2024. As a key player in the global shipping arena, PNSC is dedicated to fostering talent, promoting innovation, and advancing Pakistan’s maritime interests. Joining PNSC means embarking on a dynamic career journey in the maritime sector, where you can contribute to the nation’s economic growth while navigating the high seas of success.

As the National Flag Carrier, the Pakistan National Shipping Corporation “PNSC” Group of companies undertakes global shipping operations and is going through accelerated growth to meet challenges. PNSC requires a high-caliber and result-oriented professional for the position mentioned below.

Established in 1979, the Pakistan National Shipping Corporation is the national flag carrier of Pakistan, responsible for the transportation of goods and commodities across domestic and international waters. With a diverse fleet of vessels and a commitment to operational excellence, PNSC plays a vital role in facilitating trade, supporting economic development, and promoting Pakistan’s maritime interests on the global stage. From bulk carriers to container ships, from oil tankers to LNG vessels, PNSC operates a versatile fleet that serves a wide range of industries and trade routes.

The job openings at PNSC Jobs 2024 Pakistan National Shipping Corporation offer aspiring maritime professionals the opportunity to embark on a rewarding career journey in the maritime industry. Whether you are a seasoned seafarer with years of experience or a fresh graduate eager to explore opportunities in the maritime sector, PNSC welcomes individuals who are passionate about the sea, ambitious in their aspirations, and committed to excellence in maritime operations.

PNSC is seeking qualified candidates to fill various positions across different departments and functions, including deck officers, marine engineers, ratings, shore-based personnel, and support staff. These positions offer opportunities for both experienced maritime professionals and entry-level applicants to contribute their skills and expertise to PNSC’s mission of providing safe, reliable, and efficient maritime transportation services.

Vacancies List: آسامیوں کے نام

  • Assistant (Bunker)
  • Assistant (Fleet)
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Manager Medical Services
  • Superintendent (Fleet Bulker)
  • Superintendent Engineer (Bulk Carrier)
  • Superintendent Engineer (Tanker)

Qualification: تعلیم

  • Intermediate (FA/FSC/DAE)
  • Diploma
  • Bachelor
  • Graduation
  • Master

Joining Pakistan National Shipping Corporation comes with a range of benefits, including competitive salaries, opportunities for career advancement and professional development, exposure to international shipping operations and practices, and the satisfaction of knowing that your work directly contributes to Pakistan’s maritime industry and economic growth. Additionally, employees at PNSC have the opportunity to work in a dynamic and multicultural environment, collaborate with industry experts, and gain valuable insights into the global maritime market.

اگرآپکو روزنہ فری میں جابزکی وٹس ایپ الرٹ چاہیے تو گروپ جوائن کریں۔ نیچھے گروپ جوائن کریں۔

Interested candidates can explore the available job opportunities at Pakistan National Shipping Corporation and submit their applications through the corporation’s official website or other recruitment platforms. The application process may vary depending on the position, so candidates are encouraged to carefully review the job requirements and instructions for applying.

How to Apply for PNSC Jobs 2024? آپلائی کرنے کا طریقہ

  1. Candidates can forward applications online via To send an online application – Click Here.
  2. Only eligible professionals who meet the requirements perfectly may apply.
  3. Pakistan National Shipping Corporation (PNSC) requires highly motivated and competent Afloat Officers for the following positions on a long-term engagement/contract basis.
  4. These officers will be sailing on board the PNSC Fleet of Oil Tankers and Bulk Carriers:
  5. The closing date of availability of the Online Application Form is March 24, 2024.

ثواب کے نیت سے اپنے دوستوں کے ساتھ لازمی شئیر کریں۔

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